About me

About me
Kyle speaking at GitHub Universe 2022

I've been a developer since my teen years because it gave me the chance to do two things: solve real problems for real people and earn money to help me build a new life. Since then, I've built web apps, startups, and helped scale GitHub for over eleven years both as an engineering leader and a business leader.

These days, as GitHub's Chief Operating Officer, I'm working to enable every Hubber around the world to do their best work and make sure anyone who wants to become a developer can call GitHub their home. We're bringing AI to the world with GitHub Copilot and I'm bringing AI to our employees to help take away their toil and help them do what they do best: be creative.

I love chatting with developers and startup founders particularly in the developer tools space or working to bring AI to interesting problem spaces. If that's you, hit me up.

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Things I've Said

GitHub COO Kyle Daigle on the “secret of good AI”
With any new technology, there is a period of calibration needed to establish best use. We’re still working out what that means for AI.
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Jim Cathey, Chief Commercial Officer, Qualcomm Kyle Daigle, Chief Operating Officer, GitHub Madhav Thattai, Chief Operating Officer, Salesforce AI, Rana el Kaliouby, Co-founder and CEO, Affectiva

Talks I've Given

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